holy place Worship the Buddha – Worship the gods Enhance the prosperity at Yaowarat

holy place Worship Flights from Hong Kong the Buddha – Worship the gods Enhance the prosperity at Yaowarat Another important street that is filled with a variety of lifestyles of people, shops, restaurants, both sweet and savory. There are also many Chinese temples and Chinese shrines here. which is respected by both Thai people and Thai people of Chinese descent which apart from the matter of faith and holiness

The architecture inside and outside is also unique. Anyone who stops by to visit Yaowarat Trying to pay respect to the shrine for good fortune in life should be good. Don’t wait… Let’s go and get auspicious together.

1. Kuan Yin Shrine Thian Fah Foundation

Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, in the blessing posture, is the president of the shrine. People come here to ask for blessings to ward off sickness. free from disease and have strong health

2. Wat Leng Noey Yi

Wat Leng Noey Yi, Chinatown or Wat Mangkon Kamolwat according to the beliefs of the Chinese people This place is 1 of the 3 dragon temples where the dragon is a sacred animal. Consists of a private head and tail, which the head of the dragon. is in this temple which people like to come to pay homage to the monks

3. Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine

Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine, Song Wad Road, is the center of the mind and worshiped by Lao Pun Tao Kong. He is a god who protects the traditional community. or the owner of that locality according to Chinese beliefs People like to worship and pray for peace and happiness. Protection from various diseases and prosperous trade.

4. Guan Yu Shrine and Horse God

Another old shrine who went once, paid homage to 2 gods, with Guan Yu being the god of honesty according to the beliefs of the Chinese people Makes people popular to ask for blessings about work duties to be the master of people and have a good family the horse god is a god for praying for children Let the child be obedient and obedient.

5. Chao Mae Pradu Shrine

Mae Pradu Shrine or Lao Ping Thao Ma Shrine People like to worship and pray for love. and will be happy and fulfilled according to the wishes of the couple It is also outstanding in the matter of asking for children. Including work duties as well

6. Leng Buay Ea Shrine

It is the oldest Chao Chew shrine in Thailand. People come here to pray for wealth and trade. Progress in various affairs and pay homage to ask to raise children easily. healthy and grow safely